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Daily Journal
     November 24, 2020      #15-329 KDJ

Equality, who needs it? 

Igualdad, ¿quién la necesita?

One would think that those who are less equal than others would benefit if things in life became more equal. And of course, when it comes to the law, the principal of equality is everyone’s goal. But our current troubles result from people who talk too much about racial inequality.

Here’s where it all starts. A newborn child sees its mother as soon as it can see anything. The race of the mother becomes an intuitive signal to its instincts forever after. At least, let us hope they do.

If you’re determined to eradicate racism, you’ll have to start with families.

As the years go by, people may acquire memories of good or bad things that happen to them, and the appearance of ...

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Nancy on BROTHER GEORGE BBQ @ 12/14/2020
well written...makes me hungry!
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Can't hurt.....
Nancy on Scott Reeder:… @ 12/14/2020
good points by Scott
Ursala on Gary Moore:… @ 10/14/2020
"It's a comment.", he says.
Ursala on A historic… @ 10/14/2020
Comment section.
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shadow on Region's… @ 09/09/2020
Excellent article
shadow @ November 15, 2020, 6:18 pm
I fully agree.
Ursala on Bradley Elementary… @ 09/03/2020
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