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Daily Journal
     August 27, 2020      #55-240 KDJ

Wilken takes lead of Riverfront Society 

By Lee Provost

KANKAKEE — There is a change in leadership in the Kankakee Riverfront Society, the organization charged with seeking funding and guiding marketing of the Kankakee Riverfront Master Plan — in the 4-mile stretch of the Kankakee River between the South Schuyler Avenue bridge and Riverside Medical Center campus.

Staci Wilken, director of the Kankakee County Convention & Visitors Bureau, has been elected as the new chairwoman. Wilken replaces Scott Snavely, who resigned his president’s position at Midland States Bank here about two weeks ago to pursue other ...

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Lee Provost
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well written...makes me hungry!
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Can't hurt.....
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good points by Scott
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I fully agree.
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