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     June 19, 2020      #87-171 KDJ

Gary Moore: Always look for the good within the

By Gary W. Moore

Our nation is immersed in turmoil. Whether it’s racial issues, political fighting or a pandemic destroying our health and economy, we’ve never suffered through the multitude of issues at one time as we are now. The news is depressing and, at times, frightening. Racial unrest and pandemic dominate the news as it would seem our nation is in peril ... but not so fast.

Yes, we are suffering through several different crisis points at the same time, but I’m convinced our nation is strong. We’ll endure and overcome each situation, emerging stronger and better for the experience. Let’s look at each of the two major issues.


One of the original models used by the World Health Organization was produced by the Imperial College of London. It predicted that 81 percent of the population of the USA would be infected and would result in the loss of 2.2 million American lives. As time progressed, the Center for Disease Control continued to adjust to the incoming data, but the original numbers were devastating.

If you lost a loved one, your world was forever changed and the disease, personally for you, could not have been worse. Thankfully, on a global scale, the virus wasn’t nearly as devastating as expected. Lives were lost but only a fraction of the millions that were predicted. Depending upon your point of view, we were given wrong and wildly overstated data or the worlds efforts at containment were successful. I believe it is a combination of both, we don’t know what the future of COVID-19 holds. We know it’s not the end of this story and until there is an effective vaccine, our risk continues. Regardless, at least from a health point of view, we have so far been fortunate. Physically, we came through relatively healthy. Economically, it’s another story that has yet to be played out.

What good has come from this?

We now have a better understanding of what works and does not. We are better prepared for the next round of COVID-19 or the next pandemic, whatever it is and whenever it may come.

I also think, as a nation, we are more aware of how to stay healthy in general. I know we are washing our hands more, resisting touching our faces and practicing social distancing. If we continue, my guess is not only can we do a better job of containing COVID-19 but also the flu and common cold. I will continue to wear a mask in public during cold and flu season. I think what we have all learned is positive and will serve us well in our future.

What good has come from this economically?

I believe in human resilience. In tough times, creativity flourishes. I think we are learning new ways to provide and obtain services. For basic doctor visits, I love doing them remotely online. Why should I have to appear in person so they can ask me how I feel or if my medications have changed? There will always be times we need to be physically in the same room with our health care providers, but for basic services, I’d rather dial in. I think this is a positive.

I also love the creativity of restaurants. In many places, indoor restrictions are in place, so restaurants are pitching tents and putting picnic tables in their parking lots. If it’s below 90 degrees, I’d always choose to eat outdoors. For me, this is positive.

I also think many churches have become incredibly creative at providing their services online. The constitutional argument rages on as to whether a governmental body can ignore our constitutional rights, but I think it was the right thing in the heat of this pandemic to restrict assembly everywhere possible. While some churches, like my local church, have provided prerecorded and shortened services that cater to those who when watching online have a shortened attention span, others, like Pasadena, Calif., First Church of the Nazarene continues to provide a full, live service. The point is there is a multitude and variety of church services available online. I tune into both each Sunday, and if you oversleep, you can access it online at any time.

What’s positive about this? I believe again, learning to deliver needed and wanted services in unique new ways to reduce risk and save lives is a positive.

Our racial divides

We are now having positive conversations in a frank and truthful way that seemed unlikely, if not impossible, before. I think if we are talking, listening and engaged in a fruitful dialogue, positive changes emerge. The televised death of George Floyd has awakened the senses of even the most hard-nosed racial divide deniers. I’m hopeful and optimistic that this is a positive turning point for our nation, and it is … if we make it so.

I also know that the majority ... I believe upward to 99 percent of police officers … are good public servants. As in any profession, we are going to see there are bad actors. And a bad actor with a gun is especially dangerous. I believe community officials are awakened to the need to pay attention to officers with an unusual amount of complaints and act quickly. I believe police unions, if they genuinely want to protect their good members, they must stop protecting the bad officers. Protecting the job of a bad cop puts us all at risk. I believe needed change is occurring and we’ll all be better and safer for it.

Now that the average citizen is awakened to these problems, we must all stand and force the needed change.

I think there are silver linings in all situations. Unless we look for and seek the good within, it’s easy to believe the sky is falling ... and it’s not. Always look for the best in every situation and in every person. As I always say we usually find what we seek.

• So, where there are problems, seek solutions.

• Where there is pain, look for ways to ease suffering.

• Where there is hopelessness and despair, seek the silver lining and shine the light on hope.

• When the choice faces you to live in despair of the situation or to rejoice in the possibilities, always choose to rejoice.

Always look for the positive within the negativity and you’ll never feel hopeless.

Gary W. Moore is a freelance columnist, speaker, and author of three books including the award-winning, critically acclaimed, “Playing with the Enemy.” He can be contacted through the Daily Journal at editors@daily-journal.com.

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