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     February 21, 2020      #99-52 KDJ

Alan Webber: Trump-Bloomberg battle bound to

By Alan Webber

Well folks, you’re gonna hear it here first. This isn’t an endorsement, but a prediction.

I am predicting Michael Rubens Blomberg will be the Democratic candidate for president, running against Donald Trump for the 2020 presidential election. A clash of the business tycoons, the $58 billion Bloomberg against the $3 billion Trump … it will be epic.

If you think about it, what other choice does the Democrats have? Barring a brokered convention, in which anything goes, Bloomberg has to be their logical choice. Please, allow me to explain:

Consider candidates such as Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg or Bernie Sanders. (I’m omitting the lovely Amy Klobuchar on purpose, as she has no chance, despite the hallucinations of the New York Times.) Those three nut jobs are racing to see who can give away the most taxpayer money. If one promises free health care, the other has to up the ante with free college, too, and then free stuff to illegal immigrants — also known as future Democratic voters. I’m waiting for their explanation of how they intend to pay for it, although we know exactly how we are going to pay for it.

The fact is, they don’t actually represent the party. Old-time Democrats know that, and Generations X, Y and Z haven’t taken over yet. Those candidates epitomize socialism. The new role model among Democrats, and part-time barkeep, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, pretty much admitted the divide a few weeks ago.

The problem is the real socialist party already has named its 2020 presidential candidate, a man you never heard of by the name of Howie Hawkins. Wouldn’t you just know it — he’s from San Francisco. His name will appear under the Green Party ticket if you’re interested in wasting your vote.

So, how are the people like “the Bern,” “Pocahontas’’ and “Little Mayor Pete’’ going to squeeze their name on top of the official Democratic ballot? Once all the normal Democrats convene on Milwaukee in July, they are going to demand the socialist crackpots lying to give away everything for free be thrown off their ticket and out on their ear. Yes Virginia, there are people who actually are thoughtful, intelligent, normal Democrats — the media just doesn’t tell you about them because they are as boring as conservatives. They normally don’t promise things they can’t pay for or make stupid remarks.

So, what’s left that represents the “normal” Democratic Party? Well, the people running now, who we know of, are Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg. (That’s not to say the convention does not get brokered and someone we aren’t aware of gets the nod, like (God forbid) Hillary Clinton, who is making snorting hysterics again, or the duplicitous traitor John Kerry.)

Biden is going to implode before July. He seems to be getting feebler by the day. He’s running on fumes, waiting for Barack Obama to save him. Plus, you can bet the Trump organization knows more about Joe’s (and son, Hunter’s) financial shenanigans in the Ukraine and China than what we have been told.

If we had a fair and decent media, we’d already know the dirty details about the Bidens and he’d be gone ... forever. You can bet had that whole affair been orchestrated by the Trump family, CNN would have pictures, whether accurate or not, and Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff would be squawking for more impeachment investigations. The Democrats know if Biden is nominated, Trump, through Giuliani, will unleash the lurid details, and probably even embellish a few details while doing so.

Without Sleepy Joe, there is no other choice other than Bloomberg. His $58 billion wallet is formidable. Don’t forget, money talks, especially in Washington, D.C. He doesn’t need to promise to give away everything for free to all of America, just grease the palms of some swamp creatures in D.C. while our media looks the other way. Don’t believe it? He just bought his way on to the Democrat debates, against all the rules.

Bloomberg might be the same age as Biden, but he appears to be more in charge of all his faculties. In addition to becoming the 14th wealthiest person in the world, he was a successful mayor of New York City for three consecutive terms, ironically, two as a Republican.

Although Bloomberg supposedly holds many liberal views, including the killing of babies, gun control and an open freeway for illegal immigrants, he’s also a fiscal conservative. He knows how to balance a budget, and did so in New York City. Us schmucks in Illinois wouldn’t know what a balanced budget looks like, but they really do exist. Suffice to say though — that’s a good thing. Whether Bloomberg could balance our nation’s budget is questionable, but it would give the Democrats a good rallying cry.

So, folks, there’s my prediction — Trump against Bloomberg.

Want to bet?

Alan Webber is a local businessman, author and blogger. He can be reached at editors@daily-journal.com or directly at packerbacker1957@yahoo.com.

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