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     January 31, 2020      #90-31 KDJ
Kankakee and Bishop McNamara football players grab a water break together during a 7-on-7 practice at Kankakee High School. The teams, which don't meet in regular season action, ran plays against each other for about 90 minutes as fans watched from the stands.
Daily Journal/Tiffany Blanchette

SCHWEIZER: School sports season back in full swing

SCHWEIZER: la temporada de deportes escolares vuelve a estar en pleno apogeo

By Mason Schweizer

As hard as it is to believe, another summer is in the books.

Parking lots and practice fields began to fill this week as Monday marked the beginning of the 2018 IHSA Fall sports season.

This fall will mark my first full school year with the Daily Journal, and I'm as excited as a dog with two tails about that.

As a stringer last fall, I largely was relegated to covering whatever football game was closest to the office every Friday. This fall, I will be out and about covering all of our fall prep sports, as will my comrade, Brock Netter.

Whether it be a volleyball match on a Tuesday evening or sitting under the Friday night lights for a pivotal football game on a brisk, autumn night, our readers will be able to find us somewhere on a near-nightly basis.

Not only are we excited to get back to covering games — each of us hopes to cover at least five games per week — but we also look forward to telling the stories behind the student-athletes whom we cover in the heat of competition.

At the Daily Journal, we pride ourselves on being a community newspaper, especially in the sports section. In my first year in the professional world, I have encountered dozens of local student-athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers with touching, entertaining, unique stories and experiences.

And telling those stories is personally my favorite part of what I do. No two people have the same experiences, likes or dislikes. Our role as a community newspaper is to share the intriguing stories of the people who make our area what it is.

With two dozen schools in our coverage area, we realize our responsibilities are far and wide. As a sports staff, it's impossible for us to be at every game and match every night. Although some sports and schools might be more popular with our subscribers than others, we won't waiver from our goal of covering at least one game or match of every team for every school we cover.

Part of what comes with being a community newspaper is having a strong two-way relationship with the community we serve, and for me, the community I grew up in. Even if we aren't at your school's or sport's contest on a given night, that does not mean that contest will not be covered.

Any contests we do not cover on a given night still hopefully will make the next day's paper. Coaches and athletic directors can email us at sports@daily-journal.com with stats if we are not at a contest that night. The results we receive will be placed in our daily roundup section.

Again, we are a community newspaper. Our primary focus is to shine a spotlight on the happenings in our area and the people behind them. That's what drew me into this profession and what will keep me in it for the next handful of decades.

I hope to see each of you at a game soon.

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Bishop McNamara High School’s Elle Nugent (11) delivers a hit, as Kankakee High School’s Monique Sextion, left, and Adilene Pereda defend in a match last season.
Daily Journal/Nicholas Holstein
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