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     January 30, 2020      #94-30 KDJ

Gary Moore: Be mindful of others trying to control

By Gary Moore

The national media is absorbed by impeachment proceedings while most of the nation has tuned out. Regardless of which side of the aisle you reside, most Americans recognize the extreme partisan agenda of the process. There is no thoughtful discussion of events, only hard line talking points crafted to influence the proceedings.

I’m not a political columnist. My mission is to awaken the optimism of my readers and encourage a more positive approach to life. As I have pointed out numerous times, optimistic people live happier, healthier and more successful lives. This claim isn’t just my opinion but proven through a plethora of clinical and university studies. Now there is evidence that optimistic people might live as much as seven years longer than those with a pessimistic outlook on life.

We become what we focus upon.

What we allow to occupy space in our heads, influences our every action and deeply impacts our overall attitude. Because of civic duty, I am keeping up with the impeachment proceedings, but I also recognize it is largely based upon political agenda and less on actionable facts … which I believe is shameful.

If you watch the proceedings and make your own decision, good for you. However, most people are busy making a living and navigating their lives. Few can sit and take it all in as it happens. Instead, they tune into their favorite television opinion journalist (and I use that title loosely) to get their info. The problem is that none of the talking heads want to give you facts. Instead, their goal is to win you over to their way of thinking. They want to seize your mind and, in the process, influence your vote. Period.

Sean Hannity is a partisan opinion influencer on Fox News, and Rachel Maddow is the same for MSNBC. Philosophically, they could not be more different. They are polar opposites, yet one and the same when it comes to their agenda of winning you over to their side. They are both shamelessly partisan, mouthing political talking points from their side of the aisle and are nothing more than political commercials for their party and agenda. And its not just Hannity and Maddow, it is most hosts on our prime time cable channels. There is not a network in America today that isn’t openly displaying their bias. Take for example, Bloomberg Business News, a formerly reliable source. They have openly declared that they will only cover Donald Trump and his campaign and not a single Democratic challenger. What happened to Bloomberg News? They are no longer a news network but an activist machine for their founder who now is running for president. Did “real news” ever exist? Or are we only finally waking up to the fact that television and radio pundits have been trying to manipulate us all along?

So, what is optimistic and positive about all this?

Hannity, Maddow and other pundits only have the power we give them by watching and believing they are in the news business. They are not. Becoming aware of the reality of their manipulation allows you the option to decide not to be manipulated. When we are aware of what their agenda really is, we become more discerning. We weigh their claims for reality rather than accepting whatever comes out of their mouths. Once we begin doing so, the talking heads lose their power over us and we, instead, take the power back. That is positive.

I encourage all of us to be discerning this election cycle and beyond. Ask questions. Listen to and read sources from all channels and stations. Do not allow a familiar face on a television screen who you have never met to control your beliefs. Become a smart and savvy citizen, not a clone of your favorite talking head. They are not your friend. They do not have your best interests at heart. We are smarter than that. We deserve better than what they are dishing.

I believe the American people are smart and want the best for our nation and world. We have been hijacked by “infotainment” masquerading as news, but once we realize what they are trying to do, we take back control.

Be positive. Be discerning. Always remain aware of the agenda. Get your information from a variety of sources … and make decisions based upon your educated opinion.

Gary W. Moore is a freelance columnist, speaker and author of three books including the award-winning, critically acclaimed, “Playing with the Enemy.” Follow Gary on Twitter @GaryWMoore721 and at garywmoore.com

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