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     January 30, 2020      #63-30 KDJ

Ron Jackson: 'Faketriots' don't know real

By Ron Jackson

The most imminent threat to our country is our growing stupidity. It is not some manufactured threat that makes the “weapons of mass destruction” lie look like gospel.

Nobody wants to go to war. Contrary to the self-serving bravado that is working its way around the country like a human wave at a sports stadium, nobody wants to go to war with Iran. Fortunately, we didn’t this past week. The biggest news story of the new year is that we did not have to endure any senseless loss of American lives. The last thing we need is a daily return of flag-draped caskets.

To prevent future loss of lives, our hope now rests with Congress to take control of any possible war with Iran. The risk of entering another long, unwinnable war should not be left in the hands of this president. We don’t allow children to play with matches. For the same reason, we shouldn’t allow a man whose greatest military feat was avoiding war to run us into a war.

Collective, calmer heads must prevail. War is not a presidential privilege. We must never again allow lives of American troops be used for political advantage or economic stimulus. Those who are serving chose to do so to defend our national interests, not to be used as pawns of a political agenda.

Contrary to the rally cries of some “faketriots,’’ nobody wants to go to war with Iran. Who does? We need only look closer at those who are adamantly and ardently waving the red, white and blue after the confirmation of death of a foreign official of a sovereign country. Not only are they reveling in the death of an enemy of America but support full annihilation of his country. It is full kick butt mode. It is a don’t stop at one death, wipe them off the face of the Earth,take their oil mentality swaying across the country like a broken human wave.

Who are these people so hell bent on going to war? More than likely, they have never taken the oath, donned the gear, completed the training and earned the right to be called a soldier. Some might be rich and influential enough to afford themselves from actually training and participating in the war they are championing. They also might be influential enough to prevent anyone in their lineage from doing the same. Some are conveniently too old to fight or mentally or physically unqualified to lace up and spit shine boots.

Yet, they will wave the biggest flag from the highest hilltop. They will scream the national anthem as loud as they can and in the wrong key. They will spare no expense letting the world know what they would do. They will block traffic with their cavalcade of big vehicles as they form long lines leading up to the nearest military recruiting office. Uh, no, they won’t do that.

War is sometimes a necessary evil. Most Americans understand and accept that. Taking out a sworn enemy of the state is one thing. But, who brags and taunts after a small victory? Who threatens to give the enemy something to cry about if they respond? Who promises to break all the conventional rules? Who thinks an act of war is a split-second decision? Only someone who has never gone to war and never sacrificed a minute in defense of his country. Someone who, even when called and eligible did everything within his power to avoid going to war. Someone who can guarantee no offspring will ever have to put on a military uniform. Someone who doesn’t have to ponder welcoming home a loved one in a flag draped box.

However, suddenly that someone is the champion of war. The mastermind of military conflict. The one who knows more about war than all the generals. The one who doesn’t heed advice from those who answered their first call to duty and may have survived actual war.

“Faketriotism’’ doesn’t win wars. It takes planning, guts, commitment, technology, equipment, money and bodies to win wars. Patriotism is reserved for the official war remembrance holidays. If all you have ever contributed to our military effort is a right to speak, save all the rah-rah til then. If you are not willing, eligible and qualified to suit up for war or willing to recruit someone who is, stop supporting the unnecessary sacrifice of those who are.

If the boot fits, lace it up.

Ron Jackson is a regular columnist for the Daily Journal and can be contacted at rjackson@daily-journal.com.

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