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Daily Journal
     January 30, 2020      #24-30 KDJ

Ron Jackson: Financial gain has many turn blind

By Ron Jackson

Certain expectations and responsibilities come with every job. There is no greater expectation of conduct and responsibility than that which comes with the office of the president of the United States. Or so it used to be.

With that understanding, I find the Senate impeachment hearing a complete sham. The hearing is not a sham because there is no reason to hold it, but because those responsible for conducting it are completely fraud slacking integrity and obligation to duty. Determining whether the president of the United States acted out of bounds or committed a crime should not be that difficult. All those sworn in to be impartial during the hearings lied when they said, “I do.” One hundred minds were made up long ago along partisan lines. They are making a mockery of any judicial process.

None of them should be referred to as jurors. No one should be surprised. What is surprising is the sentiment held by many citizens that the impeachment process is a hoax merely because of their personal financial gain since the last election and its correlation to this current administration’s tenure. There was a time when no one was above the law, when those in positions of authority were held to a higher standard, and when right or wrong was not determined by the personal gain derived from the accused.

Things have changed. Too many citizens are quick to point out any personal financial gains as their motivation for decrying any accountability of this president. But, enough of the touting of one’s personal investment gains, annual income increase, lower tax bracket, the low unemployment rate or any other selective financial statistic to support the president’s exemption of accountability. The whole ordeal has caused me to look at some individuals differently as the double standard, hypocrites they really are.

Using the rationale that because you have realized personal gains, no scrutiny of the president’s administration is warranted, reeks of blatant hypocrisy. That same distorted rationale can be applied equally to drug dealers and domestic abusers who may positively affect the lives of others. Conversely, drug dealers and domestic abusers don’t take an oath to adhere to established guidelines. Should those who directly benefit from the sales of illegal drugs be exempt from accountability because they provide shelter, food and financial stability to some? Should domestic abusers be exempt from scrutiny because they provide a good livelihood for their families? The litmus test of accountability must be applied equally and fairly to all citizens.

The same group that advocates for excusing the president’s questionable misuse of his executive office are quick to call for strict justice of others who violate the law. You cannot be tough on crime for one group while simultaneously calling for leniency or blindness for another group. And it is not a matter of guilt or innocence of the president that is being protested.

To many, the president should not be facing any careful examination because the economy is positive.

Certainly, I am not supporting leniency for drug dealers and domestic abusers. I am calling for the same anti-crime battle to be fought against every law breaker equally.

We should all hold the president of the United States and any elected representative to a higher standard of behavior than we would any drug dealer or domestic abuser. But we don’t.

It’s as incredible as when candidate Trump said, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?”

If only I had paid attention, I would not have had any higher expectation of this hearing.

Ron Jackson is a regular columnist for the Daily Journal.

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