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Daily Journal
     January 17, 2020      #62-17 KDJ

Gary Moore: I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay … 

By Gary Moore

There are many things I enjoy in life. I’m a drummer and love to play music. I’m a fan of Drum Corps International and love keeping up with The Cavaliers, the corps I marched with in my teens. I love writing; and I love splitting firewood. Surprised? Like the titles says, I’m a lumberjack; and I’m OK.

Monty Python fans will immediately recognize the title of this column as also the title of one of Monty Python’s most famous and enduring bits. At the time, it was very politically incorrect. Today, it seems quite in line with current sentiments. Go to YouTube and search, “Monty Python Lumberjack ...

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Gary W. Moore
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Nancy on BROTHER GEORGE BBQ @ 12/14/2020
well written...makes me hungry!
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Can't hurt.....
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good points by Scott
Ursala on Gary Moore:… @ 10/14/2020
"It's a comment.", he says.
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Comment section.
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Excellent article
shadow @ November 15, 2020, 6:18 pm
I fully agree.
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