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Daily Journal
     December 27, 2019      #27-361 KDJ

Voice of the People: Definition of religious

Gloria Weidner

As the lone cry of decency from Christianity Today died with a whimper due to Franklin Graham’s intervention, President Trump remains surrounded and protected by evangelicals. It’s an oxymoron. It remains the ultimate contradiction. It’s outright hypocrisy.

Evangelicals have abandoned integrity in exchange for political power from Trump who helps them attain "religious freedom." Does this noble expression have some kind of new meaning? Today’s phrase "religious freedom" means the power of evangelicals to deny constitutional rights to those who don’t agree with right-wing views. It’s shocking but real. It’s provocation from Trump to attack minorities and permission from state legislators to attack reproductive rights.

As Trump stacks the courts, evangelicals support Trump unconditionally. When children were separated, caged and abused, evangelicals bizarrely were singing “Jesus loves you.” Evangelicals denounce abortion as murder, but when we abandoned the Kurds to the fate of genocide, evangelicals didn’t object to the slaughter of our allies in arms. It’s downright duplicity.

Another life and death matter is Ukraine’s struggling democracy. While Ukraine was battling Russian tanks and mortars, Trump put his boot to the throat of the underdog and engaged in extortion for his personal political gain. Is this Christian behavior? No. Neither is Trump’s "perfect" Machiavellian phone call and his back-channel plots violating the Constitution.

But that’s not all. Another tyrant imposes himself upon the 325 million Americans he swore to protect as the people’s attorney. Attorney General Barr, a member of Opus Dei, scolds citizens for exercising freedom of speech, warns others that they don’t deserve police protection and advocates for Trump’s increased presidential powers. No wonder congressional resolution (H.Res.757) demands Barr’s disbarment and legal scholars call for his impeachment.

So many impeachments, so little time. This is the evil Trump has wrought but it’s not what the American people deserve.

Gloria Weidner


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