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Daily Journal
     December 19, 2019      #93-353 KDJ
Imani Thomas-Springer, 9, places toothpaste in a bag with help from friend Anthony Marquez, 11, left, of Peotone, during a Dec. 7 event initiated by Thomas-Springer. Instead of a birthday party, Imani requested help from her classmates and family in gathering donations to distribute to those in need

Birthday girl passes blessings unto others 

By Tiffany Blanchette

Nevermind a birthday party.

This is not a notion expected from most 9-year-olds, but Kennedy Middle Schooler Imani Thomas-Springer asked for just that.

In lieu of a party ahead of her 10th birthday on Dec. 18, Imani asked for help gathering donations to give back to the needy and homeless in the area.

Her teachers and classmates, as well as neighbors, churches and family, rallied behind her request. Her friend, Anthony Marquez, 11, of Peotone, also joined in, rallying his circle of friends and ...

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Tiffany Blanchette