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Daily Journal
     December 17, 2019      #62-351 KDJ
Michael Lucas, a founding partner with Green Equity Collaborative, addresses the Kankakee City Council regarding recreational cannabis on Monday. The company is hoping to become the city’s recreational marijuana retailer.

Daily Journal/David Volden

Kankakee green lights rec marijuana sales 

Lee Provost

KANKAKEE — While marijuana will be become legal to use for adults on a recreational bases on Jan. 1, it won’t be available to legally purchase in Kankakee by that date.

However, it could be available to purchase in Kankakee by late 2020 or early 2021 as the Kankakee City Council, by a 10-4 vote, approved an ordinance allowing it to be sold here.

And the areas being targeted for a recreational marijuana retail store are areas most heavily impacted by past crimes and punishment of selling and using marijuana — the city 1st and 7th ...

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A representative of Green Equity Ventures 1 LLC’s presentation to the Kankakee City Council on Monday. An adult-use cannabis dispensary company, it hopes to become the city’s sole retailer.

Daily Journal/David Volden
Lee Provost