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Daily Journal
     November 25, 2019      #61-329 KDJ
Ken Ponton stands among the exhibit he helped create, including laying the new wood floors, in the upstairs of the historic Dr. A.L. Small House on the grounds of the Kankakee County Museum.

Daily Journal photos/Tiffany Blanchette

Preserving the past for for future enjoyment 

Ken Ponton has spent a combined 42 years on the boards of the Kankakee County Historical Society and the Bourbonnais Grove Historical Society.

It is believed Ponton’s 42 years of volunteer service on historical society boards might constitute an Illinois record. He’s never come across anyone with more.

Ponton was a charter member at the Bourbonnais Grove Historical Society and he has held every executive position in the society, save one — he was never treasurer. He has been president, vice president, executive vice president and secretary.

For the Kankakee County ...

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Also upstairs in Dr. A.L. Small House is a history of typewriters display, an exhibit Ken Ponton helped curate at the Kankakee County Museum’s historic home. It’s an ode, he said, to the Small family’s influence in publishing in the county.

Tiffany Blanchette