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Daily Journal
     November 20, 2019      #55-324 KDJ
Tom Hanks stars as Mister Rogers in a scene from “A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood,” in theaters on Friday.

Sony-Tristar Pictures via AP/Lacey Terrell

Year's best movie 

By Pam Powell
Special to the Daily Journal

What the world needs now is exactly what “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” provides. Starring Tom Hanks as the beloved children’s television show host Fred Rogers and Matthew Rhys as Lloyd Vogel, a talented yet jaded journalist who must interview Rogers for Esquire Magazine, much to his chagrin, for the “Hero” issue.

“Neighborhood,” co-written by Micah Ritzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster and directed by Marielle Heller (“Can You Ever Forgive Me?”) tells Vogel’s story and how Rogers’ impacted him in this brilliantly creative story that will change your heart and make the world a ...

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