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Daily Journal
     October 31, 2019      #95-304 KDJ
Wendy Robinson, of Bradley, affixes a newly-sewn scarecrow head to its post on Monday at her home, where the front yard is decorated with more than two dozen similar creations.

Daily Journal/Tiffany Blanchette

Bradley scarecrow maker enjoys labor of love 

By Tiffany Blanchette

Some call it Halloween. For Bradley resident Wendy Robinson, it might be more aptly described as the season of the scarecrow.

In advance of Halloween, Robinson, 75, begins making her distinctive scarecrows. Each year, she makes around six unique scarecrow faces and outfits by hand using pantyhose, cotton stuffing, buttons, fabric and straw from the craft store. Her front yard now is decorated with more than two dozen similar creations.

The tradition started after she found a small, handmade scarecrow for $5 at a garage sale.

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Tiffany Blanchette