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Daily Journal
     October 29, 2019      #97-302 KDJ

Brew Dude: Oct. 26, 2019 

By Joshua Riley

A couple of weeks ago I took a craft beer road trip of a lifetime. I didn’t hit that many breweries, but the ones I did hit are of a caliber of craft beer that are nationally and internationally renowned.

These breweries deserve their own individual columns which is what I will be doing in this first column. The premise of the trip is that I have two Scottish friends, Graeme Watt and Jed Potts, with whom I have known since 2012. Five years ago, before I started this column, we took a road trip through the Dakotas to Montana in order for them to check off a number of states they had not visited yet.

Both Graeme and Jed were in a punk band that toured most of the U.S. ...

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