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Daily Journal
     October 24, 2019      #62-297 KDJ
The golden-crowned kinglet pauses momentarily at the top of a dried weed before continuing its hunt.

Gary Soper/wildlifeinnature.com

Golden-crowned kinglet 

By Gary Soper

A small flock of about eight tiny earthy colored birds had arrived during the night. The small birds blended in quite well to the surroundings, at times, becoming invisible in an open patch of dead and dried weeds on the sunny side of the thicket.

Their quick fluttering movements, from plant to plant, easily gave up their location. Unlike other birds that will spook at the slightest movement, these little feathery travelers would land on a dried-up thistle stem within feet of their delighted observer as they searched for insects while showing little concern for my presence.

As the birds ...

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A golden-crowned kinglet appears to be hiding behind a tiny plant stem as it searches for insects.

Photos courtesy of Gary Soper/wildlifeinnature.com